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Traditional ideas of the internet and work are changing. And just because we're in the middle of the Utah desert doesn't mean we'll be left in the dust.

I, Stuart Spade, owner of Brewed Hospitality and resident of Moab am here to make sure this doesn't happen. I work with companies in town such as 98 Center, Singha Thai, and Moab Made as well as local artists and entrepreneurs.

Because of the number of local businesses and services I've seen without proper digital representation I've developed a way of offering Moab residents free licenses (one per person) to create one website and one store on the powerful platform, Dashnex. Making it even more possible to turn your ideas into a sustainable business, easier and faster than ever. 

I can offer this because I am one of the few to partner with the CEO of Dashnex. I originally entered this partnership to assist the global community of musicians, producers, and DJs that visit and write content for one of my websites, I've now decided to extend my services to my local community.

Businesses such as:


Whether you own a food truck, want to start an affiliate marketing business, or e-commerce or dropshipping store Dashnex has the tools and courses to not only expand your current business but plenty of new opportunities and side hustles for expanding. 

Musicians and DJs

Sell music and merch directly to fans, create a strong professional digital presence, and even host your electronic press kit for free. Take control of your fan base by using email and not simply under the authority of music or social platforms. Not sure what steps to take? Please don't hesitate to inquire more and request a free quote. I specialize in helping music makers become their own labels as well as DJs and musicians looking for local gigs. See Stü for an example. 

Guide Companies

Whether it's two legs, two wheels, or two oars your guide company can easily sell swag, gift certificates, book tours (via booking integration), and showcase your adventure videos. All without recurring fees.


Building a fan base for your art (no matter what you create) is more possible than you think. Dashnex is also known as the Shopify Killer because of its similar search optimization but it's hundreds less a year! A sample of an artist portfolio can be seen at

Local Shops or Businesses

It's expensive and difficult trying to rent spaces in Moab. Keep overhead low by not having to rent a website too. Or maybe simply go 100% digital. Either way, blogging tools can help you achieve the site and foot traffic you desire. See a store layout at


You're working towards a good cause so every extra bit of financing you can put towards that is a win for many. Tell your story, accept donations, and sell goods with a low-maintenance website. Brewed Hospitality's services also have special rates for non-profits. Speak to me by requesting a free quote if you want assistance setting up your website or store.

Take action now. Whether you're growing a whole forest or simply planting a seed, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking advantage of this cost-free offer.

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If you'd like me to build it for you, including logo design, or inquire about any of the other services I offer such as Organic SEO, Music Promotion, Email, or even simply setting up your custom domain. Please request a free proposal.

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All website examples listed on this page have been built by Brewed Hospitality and routed through Cloudflare for speed and safety against DDOS attacks.


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